Oz Theatre Screens
The Majestic Screen is our flagship Cinema Screen. For the ultimate in image reproduction and a build quality second to none.
With more and more homes today being built with dedicated media rooms, a fixed frame screen is the perfect choice. In fact we don't
recommend anything but a fixed frame screen. Not only do fixed frame screens provide a perfectly flat viewing surface, the Oz Theatre Majestic screen adds a professional and elegant look to any Home Theatre room or dedicated wall space. There is simply no need for a manual or motorised screen if you have a dedicated wall space. A good example of a dedicated wall space is your local cinema or your own media room for that matter. A Majestic Fixed Frame Screen Will Be The Centrepiece Of Your Home Theatre!
Key Features
Black Fidelio Velvet borders are only available with a Majestic fixed screen, creating a perfectly masked image with no soft edges or visible over-scan. See the technical page to learn more about why Velvet frames are the best and Fidelio is blacker than anything on the market!
High Quality 6000 Series T6 Tempered alloy frame.
Hand Crafted using unique manufacturing techniques in-house at Oz Theatre Screens.
Screen-Grip tensioning system to attach material to frame. Simply assembly.
Large range of stock sizes in all formats and custom sizes at pro rata rates!
Life Time Warranty - The best in the industry, compared to the usual 12 months and less on motor screens.
Superb Australian made product using high end imported 2K and 4K projection foils from Europe.
Flawless video performance. Projected light is reflected back to the viewer exactly how the Projector manufacturer intended.
Aesthetically pleasing. The Majestic is a superbly built product with an elegantly designed alloy frame covered in the blackest velvet known to man! Just ask us for a sample kit so you can compare for yourself.
Click here for Installation Manual which includes screen specs - sizes and frame dimensions